Canon T60 (1990)

Shutter Vertical-travel, focal-plane electronic shutter with metal curtains. Automatic: 8 sec. ? 1/1000 sec. X-sync at 1/60 sec. Manual: 1 sec. ? 1/1000 sec. and B. Built-in electronic self-timer (with blinking LED).
Viewfinder ixed eye-level pentaprism. Microprism/split-image combination rangefinder.
- Magnification 0.86x
- Coverage 93%
Power Two 1.5 V G-13 mercury oxide batteries. Battery check provided.
Size 136 x 86 x 47 mm
Weight 365 gr
with batteries


Light.... eeeh, it fits the FD lenses........did I mention its light? :o)
Feels and looks pretty cheap.... its not a

Well for my T series collection I haved this one...

Its not a Real Canon. these were made by Cosina. It doesn't feel like a canon... The viewfinder is smaller as al the other T series cameras, and its darker to.

Its easy to use, just a basic camera. it might be something for people who try to get started with analog SLR photography, but I would go for the T70 instead.

Don't really like the look and the feel of the camera. although its newer (and looks like new)as my T70 and T90, it feels older and its not as thought thru as these high tech wonders of the eighties.

Its not as electronic, so less things that could break down on you.


light weight, accutae metering
moisture easily gets in battery compartment, transport mechanism jams

I thought I had the perfect backpacking SLR. It was not to be. In cool damp mornings on the Appalachian Trail, I had to open the battery compartment and dry off the batteries to get each shot. The film transport mechanism jammed. It could be freed up by opening the back and tweaking the gear, totally impractical. This was a dog of a camera made by Cosina, not worthy of the Canon name. I am still leery of Cosina camera bodies.