Canon New FD 14mm f/2.8 L

Canon New FD 14mm f/2.8 L

Year 1982
Lens Groups 10
Lens Element 14
Aperature Blades 6
Minimum Aperture f/22
Closest Focusing 0.25 m
Max. Magnifcation 1:10.1 (0.099x)
Filter Size -
Diameter x Length 74 x 83.5 mm
Weight 500 gr (1.1 lb)
Hood -


Fast Ultra Wide, small for it's type, Nice Build, good for video use.
Smear and CA at the edges when adapted, not extremely sharp , very expensive

The Canon FD 14 2.8L is a treat. It's a nice quality Ultra Wide with quite a few hiccups.

Starting off bad, the 14 suffers from some smear and CA at the extreme edges when adapted to my Sony A6300 with a metabones focal reducer. This is obviously worst at 2.8, but the smear decreases at F4, but CA remains through the aperture range at the edges. To top it off, the whole image is not extremely sharp at all aperture levels, even at F11 where it seems the sharpest. Got it for $850 on ebay which is cheap, but most of the time expect it to cost over $1000 as a buy it now or starting bid.

On the plus side, it is a nice fast UWA for video use where sharpness and edge quality is less important. It's quite small for it's type. Maybe not as small as the Voightlander 10mm 5.6, but not a massive sphere like the 13 5.6 made by Nikon. It also has a nice build quality, not like the more thinly stamped metal nFDs but a bit thicker metal like the "old" FDs.

This lens is perfect for videos and okay to good for photos unless you do not care too much for the edges. It is also a nice collectible as well. Just don't drop the metal hood or the lens in general.



Sharp wide open, low distortion
Little soft in corners, but expected

One of my favourite FD lenses! You can find some images on my Flickr account: