Canon New FD 24mm f/1.4 L

Year 1979
Lens Groups 8
Lens Element 10
Aperature Blades 8
Minimum Aperture f/16
Closest Focusing 0.3 m
Max. Magnifcation 1:8.3 (0.12x)
Filter Size 72 mm
Diameter x Length 76.5 x 68 mm
Weight 430 gr (0.95 lb)
Hood BW-72


Underrated L lens, very unique, Fast for long distance landscapes in low light
Listed vs Going price, rarity, magenta cast at 1.4, general sharpness at 1.4 to 2.

Many people say ditch this lens and go for the 24 F2, but I beg to differ.

The 24 1.4L is one of the most underrated L lenses in the series. If you buy this lens, you buy it for the speed it utilizes. At 1.4, one can creat unique portraiture opportunities by creating a sharp subject and a out of focus background and foreground which not many wide angle lenses can do. This is also perfect for video as the sharpness is not an issue when shooting wide open. Using this for long distance landscapes or architecture is possible as long as one does not have a notable foreground object that creates an out of focus artifact. Be wary of using this for astrophotography as it will have coma at 1.4.

However, this is a pretty rare and overpriced lens. I bought this on ebay for 450, the typical going rate is up to 500. Expect this lens to be around 750 or higher when listed at a buy it now or bidding. It does have a magenta cast at 1.4 that is noticeably different when switching between 1.4 and slower. At F2 it's virtually gone. It's not very sharp at 1.4 though and this is usually the primary reason to buy the F2 version.

This lens is magnificent for creating unique wide angle images and is highly underappreciated for it's lack of sharpness at 1.4. This is a lens of character, not performance. But it does pack big guns when stopped down to F2 to F8.



An extremely good lens.

I bought this lens in a local 2nd hand shop about six years ago.

This lens is incredible: At F 1.4 you get lots of DOF, and in the city, at night, I shoot with Fuji Superia 800, handheld. I shot snowscapes under the full moon, handheld. I also use it a lot at party's and art openings, together with my 85mm F 1.2, there I shoot handheld, without flash.

I also use it on a T90 body with dedicated TL300 flash, again on art openings and parties, then you get TTL and the tiniest flash.

This lens is rather big, and expensive. I paid € 1200 for it at the time. Price has gone down since.

I also have the 24mm F 2.8, a very lightweight, good, small lens, which is two stops less. They say the F1.4 is not very sharp compared to the FD 24mm F2.0, but I don't agree.

If you 're planning to go for the F 1.4, this lens is absolutely great. If your photography doesn't need F1.4, you mustn't buy this lens.

Mechanical build is flawless.

Together with my 85mm F1.2, this is my most favourite lens.

Dirk Dom.