Canon New FD 50mm f/2

Year 1980
Lens Groups 4
Lens Element 6
Aperature Blades 5
Minimum Aperture f/16
Closest Focusing 0.6 m
Max. Magnifcation 1:10 (0.1x)
Filter Size 52 mm
Diameter x Length 63 x 35 mm
Weight 170 gr (0.37 lb)
Hood BS-52


Very good IQ, low price, small and lightweight
build quality is average but sufficient

Very often, the perceived value of a lens follows either a certain "hype" or simply reflects the verdict of one or several Internet reviews. Born as a low-cost standard lens for cheap entry-level bodies such as the Canon T50, the FD 50 mm f/2 doesn't have a decent reputation and furthermore one website writer even claims that it would be one of the three worst lenses of the FD system. In reality, the FD 50 mm f/2 is just a copy of the FD 50 mm f/1.8 which sports an additional ring in front of the aperture reducing the original speed by one-third of an f-stop. Thus, the mechanical and optical construction, as well as the performances of the two lenses, are strictly identical even though the f/2 version might show slightly better sharpness wide open thanks to the "bottleneck " . If You can find one (they are quite rare...), don't hesitate since its optical qualities are very good.



Cheap, lightweight, easy handling
limited apertures

This lens is very rare. I bought it more as a collectors item than for practical reasons while i already own a 50mm 1.4, a 1.8 and the 3.5 macro prime.
Very little is known online about this lens, but the main info is that is was sold as a cheaper version of the 1.8 and was a kitlens for the Av-1 en later van de T50. It was only sold in some countries like the US and UK.

Basicly it's identical to the 1.8 but with a limited aperture on both ends. So the range is 2.0 - 16 instead of 1.8 - 22.
Size, weight and lensconstruction are the same.