Canon New FD 85mm f/2.8 Soft-Focus

Year 1983
Lens Groups 4
Lens Element 6
Aperature Blades 9
Minimum Aperture f/22
Closest Focusing 0.8 m
Max. Magnifcation 1:8.3 (0.12x)
Filter Size 58 mm
Diameter x Length 70 x 70 mm
Weight 400 gr (0.88 lb)
Hood BT-58


Unique Soft Focus, setting 3 and 2 for the 40's vaseline look, sharp at setting 0
Lack of sharpness at soft focus settings (as expected), rarity, setting 3 overdone

This is a unique lens for specific portraiture situations.

The unique soft focus effect is different than the simulated as it keeps most of the in focus subjects "sharp" as per say and the general image not exactally blurrd or out of focus, but "softened". This is great for photographers and cinematographers trying to achieve the 40s and 50's romance film look without the Vaseline. At setting 0, it's a tack sharp 85mm 2.8 lens at most aperture settings with F 11 starting to diffuse.

This does have a lack of sharpness at the soft focus settings. I don't know why I am saying this, it's a soft focus lens! It is quite rare. I got a boxed set at a very lucky bid for 202 USD but expect to see this pop up occasionally around 350-400 USD. Setting 3 is very overkill for the softfocus look as it is very hard to manually focus to the "sharpest" point.

If you do find this and you need to get a 40's-50's look, buy this for your film or photo project.