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I experience photography as a dialog between the subject and photographer, the subject and his environment, or between multiple subjects that occupy the same canvas. Then there is the dialog between the photograph and the viewer. Though photographs are a silent art form, they speak so much and have such different layers of meaning to the observer.

This apart, the history of photography has taken it from analog to digital. I have been a photographer for nearly 15 years and have shot with both film and digital technology. Although I enjoy the convenience of digital technology, I just love the analog medium so much and it is the reason why I still keep the connection.

Currently I shoot mostly with digital cameras. But almost all of my lenses are analog. A few years ago, I sold off nearly all of my digital lenses and started collecting old lenses to use with digital bodies. In the process I have found my true love.

DI-A-LOG = Digital + Analog photography.

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