Panagor FD 35mm f/2

Year -
Lens Groups -
Lens Element -
Aperature Blades -
Minimum Aperture -
Closest Focusing -
Max. Magnifcation
Filter Size -
Diameter x Length -
Hood -


Solid build, good coatings, appealing alternative bokeh to Canon FDN 35mm
Somewhat diffused highlights at f2.0

Solid all metal build with an unusually wide filter thread (58mm) the Panagor 35mm f2.0 has a meaty feel to it with smooth creamy focusing.

While not an earth shattering lens by any means it seems perfectly sharp stopped down beyond f4 where it gives well saturated colours.

At f2 very bright highlight areas take on a fluffy diffused appearance typical of lenses of this age. It's a more appealing look in black and white.

Other than the build quality the main appeal for me is the bokeh which has deep liquidy look to it, markedly different from Canon's new FD 35mm semi-wides (this is more "romantic" perhaps with lower distortion). Without an aperture locking pin/button, the lens can be switched to manual mode without taking your eye from the viewfinder.

Nothing at all spectacular in terms of IQ, just a reasonably smooth and solid 35mm f2. It may be that the Panagor 35mm f2 was originally or later made by Kiron and/or Vivitar, I'm not sure.

It's well above a budget lens but also well below Canon's amazing old FD 35mm f2 versions.