Tamron SP Adaptall-2 35-80mm f/2.8-3.8

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Lens Groups -
Lens Element -
Aperature Blades -
Minimum Aperture -
Closest Focusing -
Max. Magnifcation
Filter Size -
Diameter x Length -
Hood -


very compact, fast, very sharp across much of the image, good closeup power
aperture ring squeezed in between zoom and adapter, exposed front lens

One of the first Adaptall-2 lenses I ever owned, and a true gem it is - all the more because it often sells for a bargain price. Its sharpness approximates that of good primes across the zoom range and across most of the image circle, colors are less inclined towards the greenish hue of most other adaptalls I've tried. Continuous focus to a maximum magnification of 1:2.5 at 4 inches working distance makes it a good substitute when you're caught without a true macro lens. Variable aperture of f2.8-3.8 is quite fast for such a compact lens and makes this a very viable package for evening or early morning light.

Because of its sharpness I've even used it with good results on a bellows, where the ability to zoom is very welcome to make up for the constrained movements of tripod & focusing rails and makes for a very different experience from more usual bellows work with a prime lens.

Build is very good, although the zoom and focus rings interact towards the macro end in intriguing ways that would suggest a complex and potentially fragile arrangement. The aperture ring is rather narrow and positioned at the back right behind the zoom ring, when mounted on an adaptall-2 adapter this doesn't leave quite enough room for adjusting aperture without sometimes indavertently shifting the zoom or (in FD mount) the locking ring. One last thing to watch out for: the front element is strongly curved and its center protrudes almost to the level of the filter ring, so it's wise to keep it protected at all times with a filter and/or shade.