Vivitar FD 28mm f/2 Close-Focus

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Lens Groups -
Lens Element -
Aperature Blades -
Minimum Aperture -
Closest Focusing -
Max. Magnifcation
Filter Size -
Diameter x Length -
Hood -


Sharper than expected, 49mm filter, nice manual focus action, close focus, bokeh@28mm
Extreme borders show heavy aberrations, especially wide open (but I actually like it)

Just to get this straight, I am reviewing the Komine-made Vivitar 28mm f2 Close-focusing lens. I have also owned the Kiron-made Vivitar 28/2 and the Kiron-branded 28/2, which are a different optical design than the Komine-made Vivitar. I like the Komine best. I have converted this lens from FD mount to EOS mount and I use it primarily on my 5D.

Wide open and close up, this lens provides very, very usable central resolution (about the central 2/3 of the frame) and the extremities of the frame are heavily affected by aberrations. This combination results in bokeh possibilities that I have not found in any other 28mm lens. For wide low-light work, wide close-ups and B&W photography, this is my lens of choice. It is not great for landscape work, but my little 28/3.5 Zuiko is all I need for that.

I'm giving it a 7 for IQ, because the corners never really get sharp and the contrast is fairly low, particularly in contra light. Build quality is not quite up to manual focus Zeiss, Leica, Canon FD L, etc., but still far better than the plastic crap they sell these days.