Canon FD 300mm f/4 L

Year 1978
Lens Groups 7
Lens Element 7
Aperature Blades 9
Minimum Aperture f/32
Closest Focusing 3. m
Max. Magnifcation 1:9.1 (0.11x)
Filter Size 34 mm
Diameter x Length 85 x 208 mm
Weight 1235 gr (2.72 lb)
Hood -


Light weight for such a long lens, rotating tripod collar, built-in hood, high IQ

This is a fabulous lens. I use it on Panasonic Lumix GH1 and G1 cameras, on which it becomes a very light-weight 600mm equivalent. The image quality remains high with the Canon 1.4x-A extender and isn't bad with the 2x-A extender. There's no problem shooting it wide open. With my Lumix cameras I'm using the central (best) area of the lens, so I have no vignetting and little loss of sharpness toward the edges. I rarely use it hand-held. Most of the time it's mounted on a Kirk King Cobra gimbal head and a heavy-duty Gitzo tripod to photograph birds and other wildlife. I even use it to shoot photos of flowers and other close subjects.

My other birding setup is a Canon 7d with a 300mm f2.8 Canon IS lens. It's a great system as well, but it weighs much more and costs about five times as much. And the image quality isn't any better. It's primary advantages are image stabilization and a larger sensor.