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My interest in photography began during my freshman year in college, back in 1968. First I borrowed my father's Zeiss Icon camera and used it until Christmas, when I received a Nikkormat. Over the next three years in college I worked part-time in a camera store to earn enough money to buy a Leica M2R and a couple of lenses plus a couple of Nikon lenses. I majored in journalism, worked on the school newspaper, and became editor of the yearbook, so I put all that photo gear to good use.

After college I got a job on a newspaper for a couple of years before going to graduate school, where I got an MFA in photography. Years of work on newspapers and magazines followed. Now I don't do much professional photography. It's primarily my source of enjoyment at this point. During my professional years I used a lot of Canon gear and now I'm buying old Canon FD lenses to use on my Lumix G1 and GH1 bodies. I never thought that I'd go back to those FD lenses. Should have just held onto all of them!


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