Canon FTb (1971)

Shutter Two-axis, horizontal-travel focal-plane shutter with cloth curtains. X, B, 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000 sec. Built-in self-timer (self-timer lever also functions as a stop-down lever). Multiple exposures enabled.
Viewfinder Fixed eye-level pentaprism. Microprism rangefinder at center of fresnel matte screen. Metering indicator, exposure match needle, stopped-down metering needle, and low-light warning provided. A diagonally-cut condenser lens block is semi-silvered on the diagonal surface. This beam splitter enables the incoming light to be split for the viewfinder image and metering cell. Mirror lockup provided.
- Magnification 0.85x
- Coverage 94%
Power One 1.3 V HD mercury cell
Size 144 x 93 x 43 mm
Weight 750 gr


Well thought out all-manual classic SLR
noisy shutter, bulk and weight.

The FTb is an underrated classic. Its a really well thought out, full featured SLR design that is a real joy to use. Open aperture metering is great. I love the metering, which spot meters within a small central frame in the viewfinder. So you know exactly what you're metering, you can aim it around and really think about your exposure. The depth of field/self-timer/mirror lock up lever is a genius piece of design that in my opinion is really lacking on the New F1, and a distant dream compared to the fiddly and awkward controls on the A1. This is a great camera to take your time with, think about the image you're making and enjoy the craft of this very beautifully made machine. The only thing I don't like is the noise the shutter makes. It sounds like a rifle going off. Not great for candid street shots until you want to attract a lot of attention. But otherwise, its close to the perfect manual SLR.



Solid built, nice ergonomics, ability to use both; FD and FL lenses

First i want to tell you the easiest way to distinguishe this model from the newer version:

The film rewind crank on the new version has a plastic tip for better ergonomics , the metering lever on the new version is made of plastic instead of metal an canon added a shutterspead window to the viewfinder. With those details given, it's easy to tell which one is which.

The FTb QL offers a very precise exposure metering system which works with open aperture metering (FD and FDn). The exposure-needle has to match the ring on top of the aperture needle.

To get the right exposure for FL lenses, you have to use stop down metering (Push the metering lever towards the lens and lock it by ringing the little lever beneath it to "L". the aperture needle in the viewfinder disappears and the metering needle has to match the nozzle).

A problem you might have with the camera is to find a batery for the TTL. The original batteries contain lead (PB) so they are banned. instead you can use 1,4v zinc-air hearing aid bateries (ZA675PR44) with a mecanical adapter (some sort of rubber around them-they have a smaller diameter).

The best feature of the camera is the quickload system: you just lay the film in, pull it over the film rewind wheel and close the door. the flap attached tho the door will press he film on to the teeth. it takes about 2 seconds from the empty camera fo be ready to shoot.

if the shutter doesn work, there are two easy ways to find out what it is and ow to fix it:

-the window with the picture-counter dislocated---unscrew the top and place it where it belongs

-the mecanism is blocked---unscrew the bottom, hen wathch this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PAV40hCl6A) then push evry thing you can see moving in the video :D

Im sorry for my lousy english :/