Canon Motor Drive MF



Compact, rugged, flexible, goor for sports / action use
Weight, speed when compared to later competition

If there ever was any doubt that Canon was engineering a true camera SYSTEM when they designed the F-1 and its accessories, one need only look at their motorized and automated, unmanned photography layout to be completely convinced otherwise. The center of this system is a Canon F-1 with the Motor Drive MF. To the F-1 yo can attach the Booster T or Servo EE finder and you can power the latter via a special cord. You can also attach the Film chamber 250 (although you have to separate the Grip MF and use a connecting cord MF). To the Motor Drive MF, you can attach the Interval timer L (and later the Interval Timer TM-1 Quartz) for timed photography. For shooting at a distance, you can use the Remote Switch 60MD, and the extension cords, or you can use the Wireless Controller LC-1. You can also attach just about any D, A, or G series flash, including the 533G & 577G , and you can fit almost all of these together! There is a limit of one item plugged into the Motor Drive' remote control socket, but the possibilities are breathtaking, and the fact that many of these items were manufactured and introduced over a more then 12 year span makes it truly amazing. The MF does have its faults. It's heavy, though not for its time. It's also slower than most at 3.5FPS, but it's comparable to other MDs of its time, and considerably more flexible. And there is no vertical hold shutter release, as in on other later motor drives and winders, but this is one very flexible motor drive system. I have several including a couple new in the box (both the original blue & white and the later red & gold boxes), and i use them.