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Started my long affair with photography back in 1975, while in Jr High School. Always wanted either a Canon F-1 or nikon F2, but by the time i had the $$ for one it was Canon New F-1 or nikon F3. I chose Canon and never looked back. I have virtually every F and A series accessory except the film chambers and the data Backs F & FN. I almost always have a motor drive attached to my F-1s (new and old styles). I like to use F-1s (orig, '76, and new) over all the others because of the precise metering control and viewfinder information that is really only available on an F-1.

I'm pretty much done with collecting Canon bodies, I have all the ones i want from R2000 through T90, but wouldn't mind picking up an original R (CanonFlex), and a Black Pellix non-QL (to go with my black Pellix QL), and I certainly wouldn't mind the two high speed F-1 bodies, but those are probably a bit too expensive for me at this point.

For lenses, I have from 17mm through 300mm with the 1.4x and 2x extenders so my 300mm F2.8L can be a 420mm F4 or 600mm F5.6 with exceptional sharpness and compactness. I'm still looking for the wide angle new FD Ls 14mm and 24mm and the ever so hard to find and equally expensive 55mm F1.2 AL and aspherical versions!


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